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5 Things I wish Somebody would have told me

So hey guys today I would be writing an article about Most asked questions regarding Jee preparation   The questions are as follows How much should I sleep? Is NCERT reading really important? What are the books to refer to? Is coaching really important? Should I do a good quantity of questions or good quality of questions? So before answering them one by one I would say that there are many more questions to be answered so you can ask your question in the comment box. How much should I sleep?                                                                Now the answer to this question depends only on you. For instance, some of my friends used to sleep 5-6 hours a day but I used to sleep 8 hours a day. But the optimum sleep time is 7 hours a day. You can also distribute this time that is 6.5 hours in the night and a half an hour in the afternoon. This would release  frustration and pressure which you may feel during practicing Is NCERT reading really important? 
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Marks vs. Rank Jee advanced 2019

 Jee Advanced 2019 Marks vs Rank There are Multiple points which Have to be seen before giving marks vs Rank  Toughness of Exam  Previous year trends  Marking Scheme  Combining all these parameters the level of exam was somewhere between 2015 and 2016 so you can predict the Rank with the percentage vs Rank         Jee Advanced 2016 Marks vs Rank            Jee Advanced 2015 Marks vs Rank       (in Percentage) Combining Both Results The Predicted Rank Would be           Jee Advanced 2019 Marks vs Rank                         Maximum  Marks: 372                                      Please comment if you need any article

How to Prepare For Jee Mains And Advanced

JEE MAINS AND ADVANCED  First let me introduce myself  I am Baldeep Singh Chhabra .  Who am I to tell you ? I got 99.88 percentile in Jee Mains 2019 (not too good but ok) And also had prepared for jee mains And Advanced for past two years and I know the mistakes which a Jee aspirant makes During this Journey I had committed many mistakes faced many ups and downs and I will make sure you don't make these mistakes    Some important things which I must tell you are to follow. 1. Work Hard This is the best and the most important tip anyone can give you. There is no substitute for hard work . You must not give up in these two years. There will be many ups and downs in these two years.Even I faced it.  But you must remember that you will reach your destination if you don't give up.  2. Be consistent . Consistency a key to success When you go to your coaching class, your teachers would be giving you some homework. Solve it on a daily basis. Do not rest before you solv