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5 Things I wish Somebody would have told me

So hey guys today I would be writing an article about
Most asked questions regarding Jee preparation 
 The questions are as follows
  1. How much should I sleep?
  2. Is NCERT reading really important?
  3. What are the books to refer to?
  4. Is coaching really important?
  5. Should I do a good quantity of questions or good quality of questions?
So before answering them one by one I would say that there are many more questions to be answered so you can ask your question in the comment box.
  1. How much should I sleep?                                                               Now the answer to this question depends only on you. For instance, some of my friends used to sleep 5-6 hours a day but I used to sleep 8 hours a day. But the optimum sleep time is 7 hours a day. You can also distribute this time that is 6.5 hours in the night and a half an hour in the afternoon. This would release  frustration and pressure which you may feel during practicing
  2. Is NCERT reading really important?                                                                                             The answer to this question is undoubted YES. Many students and some of my batch mates too considered NCERT to be the inferior or the low-level book. But believe me, friends in Chemistry you can
    never find a book written as beautifully as NCERT textbook. Only the things which are required are mentioned in the book. One of my batchmate who got 100 percentile and AIR 3 read NCERT book of chemistry 11
    times! Every time you will read the book you will find a new thing. I would suggest you read it side by side with the syllabus you are covering.
  3. What are the books to refer to?                                                                                                         I had already written on this in my previous article and I will also write a separate article on
    this but in short                                                                                                                      
  • Physics: HC Verma Concepts of Physics (must), Previous Years Chapter-wise (must) NCERT problems (your will)
  • Chemistry: NCERT (must), Previous years Chapter wise (must) N Awasthi for Physical Chemistry K Kumar or VK Jaiswal For inorganic And MS Chouhan for Organic. If you Don't want to do this much of books you can refer to your coaching material or you can order a DLP program of any good coaching
  • Maths: This subject requires a lot of practice to make sure you do it . some of the good books are Coordinate geometry by Vikas Gupta Balaji Publication (must do very good book) Calculus by Sameer Bansal GRB publication, Algebra either Balaji publications or Cengage (G Tejwani). For trigonometry I solved Cengage But no such specific book I found useful
.   4. Is coaching really important
       For most of the people, I feel the answer should be Yes. But the coaching should be one of the
top coachings and you should be in the top batch. From my personal experience, I found that only top batches are paid some attention. Almost all of you must have seen 'Kota Factory' that's the exact situation in a real scenario too. So if you join coaching make sure that you are in the topmost batch. That doesn't imply you should join coaching. There are many cases in the past year when the AIR 1 was from no coaching but the reason behind why I refer you to go to coaching is that it provides yo the feel of real competition In my batch there were 3 students who got more than 99.95 percentile. Frankly speaking, If I would have been in any other batch I would not have got this rank. When I started my Jee preparation I was expecting or rather dreaming a  rank of under 3000. But I never thought of getting such a rank. But yeah good company is a must.  

   5. Should I do a good quantity of questions or good quality of questions?
So the answer is that you have to do a good quality of questions in good quantity. I know the answer

is a bit silly but that's the truth, my friend. The only thing you have to do in these 2 years is hard work. No matter whatever be the day you have to work 10-12 hours a day. For some of you, it may sound impossible but you have to if you want to make to IIT's.
The difference between winning and losing is most often not quitting
And with these words, I would end this article and at last, if you liked the article, please comment Helpful in the comment box as it took around 2-3 hours for me to write this article.


  1. Really your information is very crisp and useful. Thank you.

  2. What were the 2019 cut-off in OC category 2019 on JEE Mains and Advanced?

  3. Who is the guy with 100 percentile ,whom you mentioned in your post? Please make a post to share the strategies and study materials used by the toppers of your batch along with your's.


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